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How to tie pointe shoe ribbons

How to tie pointe shoe ribbons

1. Tie the drawstring firmly and tuck it in to the top of the shoe

2. Take the outer ribbon and bring it inwards across the front of the foot

3. Then draw the same ribbon behind the back of the ankle to wrap around to its starting position

4. Cross it once more in front to the inside of your leg and keep a hold of the ribbon

5. With your other hand pick up the inside ribbon and draw it across the top of the foot to the outside of the ankle

6. Repeat the process from the first ribbon, by wrapping the second piece around the back of the ankle

7. Make sure to bring this side above the other ribbon, before drawing it around to the front and over to the outside ankle again

8. Finally, bring the two pieces together at the inside of the ankle, above the heel

9. Tie the ribbons firmly, making sure the double knot sits comfortably against the leg

10. Check the remaining length of the ribbon ends

11. If there’s more than 5cm, it’s a good idea to shorten the ribbon for ease of tucking

12. After you have trimmed the ribbon, make sure to seal the ends with a lighter to prevent it from fraying

13. Make sure the knot is positioned at the side of the ankle, resting comfortably

14. Finally, tuck the ribbon up and underneath the layers, so it sits flat against the leg

15. You did it - time to admire the finished product!

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Penelope Lunna
Penelope Lunna
Dec 15, 2021

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