The Elemental is a split sole leather ballet slipper that has been specifically designed to supersede the full sole ballet slipper. The Dance Base Support protects and supports the wearer providing sensory feedback (proprioception), controlled resistance and critical shock absorption. It supports the foot and arch and allows the intrinsic muscles to work efficiently when at rest.

MDM Elemental Leather Split Sole CHILD

  • Dance Base Support

    The patent applied Dance Base Support is designed to support the heel and arch, and to offer optimal assistance to the foot when working or resting. Whole foot: Support
    The Dance Base Support is moulded to the arch which allows the muscles to perform efficiently and recover when at rest. Whole foot: Pronation
    Pronation in the whole foot position is a common dance technical fault. Through the process of proprioception, the Dance Base Support encourages alignment awareness and the opportunity to make small consistent adjustments to facilitate optimal positioning. As the dancer moves from whole foot into demi pointe, the Dance Base Support continues to provide support to the foot and an awareness of the dancer’s alignment through the ankle and lower leg. The Dance Base Support helps build strength in the small important (Intrinsic) muscles of the foot by providing controlled resistance. The development of these muscles is key to supporting a dancers foot work development.


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